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Name: Ems
Age: 24
Location: Maryland
Occupation: Student

Musings on movies, TV, comedy, photography, and living with boobs and without spatial/motor/social skills in America.



I was just introduced to this incredible Twitter account

tiefstenrot, pop-culture-mulcher

This is my favorite thing that I have ever seen in this world. POST

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signs, easy to start, surprisingly difficult to finish

Reblogging for thebabylookedatme. “Spoopy” to follow.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is called a party hole. I designed this hole by myself. And then some people were like “David, why do you call it a party hole? It’s just you. There’s no guests. No one else can join you.”

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You know when you search “Amy poehler quotes” to find that specific one to post out of spite but then you read everything she has to say about not judging or talking shit and that life is better when your heart is open and full of love and then you realize that you’re actually a massive asshole and that’s why people who used to love you now refuse to make eye contact with you in public?

No one else? Okay.

it’s going to be OFF the muthafucking HOOK

Oh my god, it was so much fuuuuun.

I didn’t use any of the stuff I bought because my friend George had better stuff. But it was okay (despite my control issues) because we made a better movie that way.

Mike says this is the most excited that he’s ever seen me and I would gauge that as probably accurate.

Our movie is so good, you guys. Only a week until I get to post a link!


Conflict in Literature

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