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Musings on movies, TV, comedy, photography, and living with boobs and without spatial/motor/social skills in America.


A comprehensive list of people who would be a better fit for an Aaron Sorkin show than Olivia Munn:

  • Everyone in the world.
  • No, for real, name any actress.
  • Name any actor in drag.
  • Tara Reid is due for a comeback, right?

<3 TV Hangover. 

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    Preeeetty much. I still can’t believe they let her on the Daily Show.
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    Reposting because, frankly, I like when people hate on Olivia Munn.
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    I hate to be that person who’s still referencing Mean Girls, but I do really wish Hollywood would stop trying to make...
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    In that case, let’s just get Sasha Grey up in this.
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