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Part of me sort of wishes that the Community season finale were its series finale, if only because “Introduction to Finality” will be pretty hard to top when the show actually ends. 

Then again, “Digital Estate Planning” would be part of the final stretch, and while the whole 8-bit thing was really cute, plopping a Ready Player One gimmick episode in the middle of one of Community’s only multi-episodeplot arcs ever seemed like a major misstep. They should have aired it before “Virtual Systems Analysis”, or at the beginning of the season, or literally any other time. 

The password for my community college’s encrypted wireless is “chickentenders”, proving that at least one person here isn’t completely humorless.


P.S., you guys, Suburgatory isn’t half bad. Probably the funniest new show this season. Also, Chris Parnell.


    One of these things is not like the others…

    I finally watched the premiere of Two Broke Girls last night. I figured having the sly, cunning, vicious, (secretly vulnerable), talented Kat Dennings playing the Whitney avatar would be a big upgrade over the original. It was. But the lovely and talented Ms. Dennings and a criminally underused Garret Morris weren’t nearly enough to salvage the show from the taint of Whitney.

    I can only imagine how agonizing the show where she’s actually on camera would be.

    (I say, “would be,” because it ain’t like anyone’s gonna watch.)

    Never, ever use the words “Whitney” and “taint” in the same sentence. It’s like saying “Bloody Mary” into the mirror.


    NBC Thursdays are back! Well, for the most part. This means that my favorite tradition is also back: drinking beer while watching some of the funniest shows on Thursday night and then staying in bed for two hours on Friday morning recovering and rewatching the shows on my computer because I can’t remember what the hell happened in them the night before. We’re all about drinking and we’re definitely going to need a few dozen beers to get through the last hour so, with some help from Ryan, we created a drinking game for tonight. One sip for each of the following!


    • Pop culture reference
    • Abed breaks the fourth wall
    • A guest star is on screen
    • Anyone says “Greendale”
    • Anyone says “study group”

    Parks and Recreation:

    • Tom grins at the camera
    • Ron Swanson mentions food
    • Chris calls someone by their full name
    • Anyone says “Pawnee”
    • Anyone says “Tammy”

    The Office

    • Anyone brings up Michael Scott
    • Anyone mugs for the camera
    • Kelly references pop culture
    • You have no idea why you’re still watching this show
    • Jim/Pam are overly cute and no longer funny


    • The studio audience laughs but you don’t
    • Anyone says the words “men” “women” or “sex”
    • Whitney and her boyfriend argue about something
    • You really miss 30 Rock
    • You even kind of miss Perfect Couples

    I made this mess for my Illustrator class.

    never again.